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CEQA Analysis of Water Leases/Transfers in the Walker River Basin - revised scope


This RFP was posted earlier this year, and then postponed pending adjustments to the scope of work. Please see the attached RFP for the full revised scope of work. A summary is provided below.



The County of Mono, California, is seeking a multi-disciplinary environmental planning and policy firm for the preparation of General Plan policies, and an accompanying California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) analysis, for the potential participation of Mono County water rights holders in a water transaction program related to the restoration of Walker Lake in Nevada. The General Plan policies and Environmental Impact Report (EIR) would establish the governing framework for, and evaluate the environmental impacts of, Mono County water rights holders’ participation in the Walker Basin Restoration Program’s (Program) water transactions, which supports the voluntary sale and lease of water and related interests from willing sellers. This Program has been active in the Nevada portion of the Walker Basin, and Mono County is now considering adopting a policy into the general plan that will guide its water rights holders’ participation so as to maximize benefits within the County and Walker Lake and minimize harmful impacts.


Please note questions must be posted to this website or emailed to the project contact below by 5:00 pm on September 4, and responses will be posted online only by 5 pm on September 5.



Due Date

Fri, Sep 15th, 2017 5:00pm
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