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Request for Bids (RFB) for The Crowley Lake Skatepark construction project


The County of Mono, through its Department of Public Works (Public Works), calls for bids from qualified General Engineering or Earthwork and Paving contractors for THE CROWLEY LAKE SKATEPARK project (hereinafter referred to as the Project). The purpose of this Project is to provide a 10,000 square foot public, concrete, skatepark at the Crowley Lake Community Center (CLCC) in Crowley Lake, California. The major work items of this Project are: skatepark construction (approximately 10,000 square feet), construction and restoration of a 29 space parking lot including 10 new paved parking spaces and minor restoration to 19 existing paved parking spaces, a new sidewalk along the new parking spaces, and necessary preparations for a prefabricated single occupancy restroom building.

The Skatepark will include new drainage facilities and a retaining wall. The parking lot, along with associated sidewalks will be ADA compliant, including new ADA parking spaces, signage and pavement markings.  The completed parking lot will create a loop drive.  The existing bus stop will be relocated.  This Project will include the pad for placement of the prefabricated Restroom building along with connections to water, sewer and electrical utilities.  The prefabricated restroom building is provided by Mono County, and will be delivered, landed, and connected to the utilities by the supplier. Installation of the building shall occur before paving of the parking lot.

Approximately $525,000 has been allocated for this project (Engineer’s Estimate).

See file download(s) below for submittal instructions and requirements.

Reference #

Project No. 9572


Closed - no longer accepting bids and proposals

Due Date

Thu, Mar 30th, 2017 3:00pm
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